Check out the latest video from June 9, 2015 on our Milk Bag Mat Weaving work!

In 2012, St. Andrew’s pioneered weaving milk bags into mats that are sent to some desperately poor countries around the world. The method of weaving the milk bags is a new concept. Prior to the introduction of weaving, milk bags were either knitted or crocheted. The benefits of weaving over crocheting or knitting are:

  • The finished product is much softer.
  • It takes significantly less time and is easier on the hands.
  • It’s a fun team effort.

Milk Bag Group (News Advertiser Monday, Mar 24.14)

This project has other benefits too:

  • The mats are sent to Haiti, the Philippines, and Africa.
  • They are used for sleeping and sitting (rather than people being on the hard ground), as door and window coverings, and even as sterile mats for a patient during hospital surgeries.
  • Many plastic bags, which do not disintegrate, are being kept out of landfills.
  • The team receives a lot of joy from knowing they are doing something so beneficial.
  • Others in our community have been introduced to the weaving process and are participating in the project too.
  • High school students can receive credit for volunteer hours when participating in this worthwhile endeavor.

Recently our local newspaper wrote an article about our amazing mat weaving group called Group in Ajax weaves mats for children.

The team currently meets on Monday mornings from 10 am – noon and are considering meeting Saturday mornings. If you’d like to get involved, or for further information, contact the church office at 905-683-7311 or